Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidGenotypeConstruction or reference
WX2E. coli Δlac sdiA::Kanr62
AW40E. coli ftsZ84(Ts)62
14028Wild-type S. typhimuriumATCCa
IR71514028 Nalr56
BA61214028 sdiA::mTn3(Carbr)See Materials and Methods
TT10288S. typhimurium LT2hisD9953::MudJhisA9944::MudI22
BA1100 series of mutants14028 srg::MudJThis study
BA1200 series of mutantsBA612srg::MudJ/pJVR2 (Camr)This study
BA1300 series of mutantsBA612srg::MudJThis study
BA1400 series of mutantsBA612 srg::MudJ/pBAD33 (Camr)This study
BA110114028srg-5::MudJThis study
BA110214028srgB2::MudJThis study
BA110314028srgA1::MudJThis study
BA110414028rck2::MudJThis study
BA110514028rck3::MudJThis study
BA110714028srgB1::MudJThis study
BA110914028srgC1::MudJThis study
BA111014028srg-6::MudJThis study
BA111114028rck1::MudJThis study
BA111214028srg-7::MudJThis study
pGB2pSC101 cloning vector (Specr)62
pWSK29pSC101 cloning vector (Carbr)61
pWSK129pSC101 cloning vector (Kanr)61
Cosmid 6-10sdiA+ cosmid from pLAFR2 library of 14028 chromosomal DNASee Materials and Methods
pBA301pWSK29S. typhimurium sdiA+ sirA+(Carbr)4.4-kb EcoRI fragment of cosmid 6-10 in EcoRI site of pWSK29
pBA302pWSK129 S. typhimurium sdiA+ sirA+(Kanr)4.4-kb EcoRI fragment of cosmid 6-10 in EcoRI site of pWSK129
pBA306pWSK29 S. typhimurium sdiA+ (Carbr)1.4-kbPstI fragment of pBA301 in PstI site of pWSK29
pCX16pGB2 carrying E. coli sdiA62
pCX39Mini-F′ carrying ftsQAZ promoter 2 (sdiA-sensitive) fusion togalK′-lacZYA62
pCX40Mini-F′ carrying ftsQAZ promoter 1 (sdiA-insensitive) fusion to galK′-lacZYA62
pBAD33pACYC vector for arabinose-conditional expression18
pJVR2pBAD33sdiA+S. typhimurium sdiA PCR product in SmaI site of pBAD33
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.