Table 2.

N-terminal sequence analysis of proteins in the partially purified OOR fractiona

SubunitMolecular mass (kDa)Sequence
OorA43M R E I I S D G N E
OorB33A F N Y D E Y L R V
OorC21M E A Q L R F T G V
OorD10X K M S A P D G V ab
Urease A28M K K I S R K E Y V
Urease B65M K L T P K E L D K
  • a Each of the major polypeptides shown in Fig. 1 was subjected to N-terminal sequence analysis.

  • b The final signal generated by N-terminal sequencing of OorD has been tentatively assigned an alanine; however, DNA sequencing has since identified a threonine at this position. Also, the N terminus of this protein may have been modified (indicated by X).