Table 1.

Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeSource or reference
CP366 polA(Ts)thi-1 thr(Am)-1 leuB6 his-4 rpsL136a lacY1 xyl-5 ara-14 tonA31 tsx-78 rha zig::Tn10aAce 23
CP875 thi-1 thr(Am)-1 leuB6 his-4 rpsL136 lacY1 ΔlacX74 λlacY 40
AJW844CP875nuoB::KmMCN021 × CP875→KmrNuo
AJW853CP875nuoB-C::Cmb MWC230 × CP875→Cmr Nuo
AJW851CP875nuoF::miniTn10Cmc ZK1363 × CP875→Cmr Nuo
CP938CP875 Δ(nuoF-L)-1 40
CP910CP875nuoG::Tn10-1a 40
CP932CP366nuoG::Tn10-1 40
AJW931CP366 ΔnuoG1d This study
AJW1516CP875 ΔnuoG1 This study
AJW1470CP366nuoG2e This study
AJW1517CP875nuoG2 This study
AJW845CP875nuoH::KmND1-KanR × CP875→Kmr Nuo
AJW846CP875nuoI::KmMCN091 × CP875→KmrNuo
AJW852CP875nuoM::miniTn10Cmc ZK1362 × CP875→Cmr Nuo
AJW847CP875nuoN::KmANN141 × CP875→KmrNuo
AJW932CP366nuoΩ(pHF17)f This study
AJW1459AJW931nuoΩ(pAJW105ΔPstI)g This study
AJW1472AJW1470nuoΩ(pAJW105ΔPstI)This study
AJW1582CP875 ΔnuoG1 nuoH::KmThis study
AJW1583CP875 ΔnuoG1 nuoI::KmThis study
AJW1584CP875 nuoG2 nuoH::KmThis study
MCN021 nuoB::Km 7
MWC230 nuoB-C::CmR. Gennis
ZK1363 nuoF::miniTn10Cm 59
ND1-KanR nuoH::Km 7
MCN091 nuoI::Km 7
ZK1362 nuoM::miniTn10Cm 59
ANN141 nuoN::Km 7
  • a nuoG::Tn10-1 andzig::Tn10 confer Tcr;rpsL136 confers Strr.

  • b The Cm cassette is located in the intergenic region between nuoB and nuoC.

  • c This mutation has been renamed to reflect its location within the nuo locus.

  • d The ΔnuoG1 mutation is a 235-bp deletion of a 3′ region of nuoG.

  • e The nuoG2 mutation is a 235-bp tandem duplication of a 3′ region of nuoG.

  • f This integration results in a duplication of the region nuoF-L and introduces the ΔnuoG1allele (see Fig. 3). pHF17 confers Apr.

  • g This integration results in a duplication of the region nuoF-L and introduces the wild-typenuoG allele (see Fig. 3). pAJW105ΔPstI confers Apr.