Table 1.

Bacterial strains, plasmids, and bacteriophage used in this work

Strain, plasmid, or phageGenotypeSource or referencea
S. typhimurium
 14028sWild typeATCC
 SVM167 sigE::Tn10dTcThis work
 SVM168IS1351::Tn10dTcThis work
 SVM173 invA::Ωcat This work; J. Galan
 SVM169Same as SVM173 with a linked Tn10dTc insertionThis work
 SVM174 sigE::Tn10dTcinvA::Ωcat This work
 SVM175IS1351::Tn10dTcinvA::Ωcat This work
 EG9527 mgtCB9232::MudJ (Knr)E. Groisman
 VV302SL1344 ΔhilA 4
 SVM214ΔhilA 4; this work
 CJ010 sirA::Tn10dTcphoN::Tn10dCm 35
 CS015 phoP::Tn10dCm 49
 SVM226 ssaJ::mTn5 31
 SVM227 ssaT::mTn5 31
 SVM2554-bp deletion in sigD This work
 SA536LT2 HfrK6 (origin min 76)K. E. Sanderson (SGSC)
 SA975LT2 HfrK13 (origin min 78)K. E. Sanderson (SGSC)
 TT10423LT2 proAB47/F′pro+ lac+zzf-1831::Tn10dTc 15
 SB154SL1344 invA::Ωcat Jorge Galan
 LB5000LT2 flaA66 metA22 trp-2 rpsL xyl-401 ilv-452 leu res mod+ B. Stocker
E. coli DH5αF p80dlacZΔM15 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 deoR recA1 endA1 hsdR17(rK mK +) phoA supE44 λ thi-1 gyrA96 relA1 Gibco, BRL
 pHG329Apr; medium-copy-number cloning vector 66
 pNK2881Apr; Ptac -tnpA ats-1 ats-2 41
 pRS415 and pRS528 lacZYA transcriptional reporter fusion vectors 65
 pWSK29 and pWKS30Apr; low-copy-number cloning vectors 70
 pWSK129 and pWKS130Knr; low-copy-number cloning vectors 70
 pMAK705Cmr; temperature-sensitive origin of replication vector used for gene replacement 29
 pCJ13Apr;sirA uvrC in pWKS30 35
 pGP1-2Knr; λ p L-T7 RNA polymerase 68
 pVV214Apr;hilA in pACYC177 4
 pHH10Apr; 4.1-kb EcoRIsigDE fragment cloned into pHG329This work
 pHH20Apr; 3.2-kb BamHIsigDE fragment cloned into pWKS30This work
 pHH21Apr; 0.9-kb EcoRI/PstIsigDE promoter and partial coding sequences in pRS415This work
 pHH22Apr; same as pHH20 but in opposite orientation (BamHI/EcoRI fragment)This work
 pHH25Knr; 2.2-kbsirA PstI fragment from pCJ13 in pWSK129This work;35
 pHH26Apr; same as pHH22 but with deleted PstI site in sigD This work
 pHH31Cmr; 1.7-kb KpnI fragment from pHH26 encompassing the sigD deletion cloned into pMAK705This work
Bacteriophage P22HTint High-frequency transducing phage 45
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; SGSC, Salmonella Genetics Stock Centre.