Table 2.

Concentrations of RNA of the host strain and transformants carrying pEZ200 or pEZ211 grown in different media

MediumConcn of RNA (fg/fl)aRelative RNA concn (normalized to μ)b
Host strainpEZ200pEZ211pEZ200/host strainpEZ211/pEZ200
Ac26.8 (2.1)25.0 (1.7)33.3 (3.9)109202
Ac-AA40.2 (4.9)40.1 (3.4)54.1 (8.7)98201
Glc56.2 (3.6)44.8 (2.5)74.0 (9.8)88248c
Glc-AA79.5 (8.1)72.1 (5.8)81.4 (5.8)94132
LB-Glc122.5 (2.8)115.7 (5.6)122.4 (3.4)88125
  • a Values represent the sample means of at least three replicate cultures. Sample standard deviations are in parentheses. Cell volumes (femtoliters) of 5% formalin-fixed cells were determined with a Counter Channelizer (Coulter Electronics, Inc., Miami, Fla.).

  • b Ratio of normalized RNA concentrations (divided by μ on respective growth medium; Table 1) depicted as a percentage.

  • c Normalized RNA concentration of transformants carrying pEZ211 was 218% of that of the host strain, suggesting that the determination of RNA concentration for cells containing pEZ200 and growing on Glc was anomalously low.