Table 2.

Effect of TT(−23/−22)AA and ΔdegU mutations on the repression of wapAtranscription by salt stressa

StrainRelevant genotypeβ-Galactosidase sp act (U/mg of protein)b
QB4950 wapA′-lacZ 100
QB4883 wapA′-lacZ degU 1,900
QB4963 wapA[TT−23/−22AA]′-lacZ 520
QB4965 wapA[TT−23/−22AA]′-lacZ degU 1,950
QB4968 wapA[TT−23/−22AA]′-lacZ degU32(Hy)<10
  • a Cells were grown in MB liquid medium containing 0.7 M disodium succinate.

  • b Determined 3 h after the end of the exponential growth phase.