Table 1.

B. subtilis strains used in this study

StrainGenotype or descriptionaSourceb or reference
168 trpC2 Laboratory stock
QB136 trpC2 leuA8 degU32(Hy) 17
QB4414 trpC2 degU146 4
QB4487 trpC2 degUΔBclI-EcoRI::erm T. Msadek
QB4871 trpC2 amyE::(wapA′-lacZ aphA3)This work
QB4883 trpC2 amyE::(wapA′-lacZ aphA3) ΔdegU::erm QB4487→QB4871
QB4950 trpC2 amyE::(wapA′-lacZ aphA3)pWP252→168
QB4951 trpC2 wapA::(wapA′-lacZ cat)pWP253→168
QB4955 trpC2 amyE::(wapA′-lacZ aphA3) degU146 QB4871→QB4414
QB4959 trpC2 amyE::(wapAΔD′-lacZ aphA3)pWP263→168
QB4961 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[A−38G]′-lacZ aphA3)pWP259.15→168
QB4962 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[A−38G]ΔD′-lacZ aphA3)pWP265→168
QB4963 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[TT−23/−22AA]ΔD′-lacZ aphA3)pWP267→168
QB4964 trpC2 amyE::(wapAΔD′-lacZ aphA3) ΔdegU::erm QB4487→QB4959
QB4965 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[TT−23/−22AA]ΔD′-lacZ aphA3) ΔdegU::erm QB4487→QB4963
QB4966 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[A−38G]ΔD′-lacZ aphA3) ΔdegU::erm QB4487→QB4962
QB4967 trpC2 amyE::(wapAΔA′-lacZ aphA3)pWP259→168
QB4968 trpC2 amyE::(wapA[TT−23/−22AA]ΔD′-lacZ aphA3) degU32(Hy)pWP267→QB136
QB4998 trpC2 amyE::(wapAΔB′-lacZ aphA3)pWP280→168
  • a cat is the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene from pC194 (14), aphA3 is the Streptococcus faecalis kanamycin resistance gene (30), and erm is the constitutive ermgene from Tn1545 (31).

  • b → indicates construction by transformation.