Table 2.

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pMV261Kmr E. coli-mycobacterial shuttle plasmid 40
pYUB325pYUB328::mc2155 (45-kb cosmid; contains inhA, Tn5-seq1) 9
pYUB328Apr cosmid with PacI sites flanking the polylinker 37
pYUB412Apr Hygr E. coli-mycobacterial shuttle cosmid (derivative of pYUB328); ColE1 origin; phage L5 int attP integrates into theattB site of the M. smegmatischromosome 36
pYUB801pYUB412::mc2155 (45-kb cosmid; contains ndh)This study
pYUB802pMV261::mc2155 (2.5-kbStuI subclone from pYUB801; contains ndh)This study
pYUB803pMV261::ndh (1.6-kbPstI-HindIII subclone of pYUB802)This study
CY359pYUB328::M. tuberculosis H37Rv (45-kb cosmid; contains ndh) 6
pYUB805pMV261::ndh (1.5-kbNheI-PstI subclone of CY359)This study
pYUB806pYUB412::M. bovis BCG (45-kb cosmid; contains mdh)This study
pYUB807pMV261::M. bovis BCG (2.5-kbEcoRV subclone of pYUB806; contains mdh)This study
pYUB808pMV261::mdh (1.1-kb PCR product of pYUB807; contains mdh)This study