Table 2.

Transcriptional activity of vie genes

StrainGenotypePredicted phenotypeIn vitroa β-gal activity% Tcs CFUb
In vitrocIn vivod
AC-V311vieS::tnpR-lacZYVieS+A+B+++>80 NDe
AC-V336vieS::tnpR-lacZY ΔvieABVieS+AB++>80ND
  • a The β-galactosidase activity of colonies was observed visually on LB agar supplemented with 50 μg of X-Gal per ml; ± represents background levels, and ++ represents transcriptional activity.

  • b % Tcs CFU was determined by replica plating colonies onto LB agar supplemented with 2 μg of tetracycline per ml and is a measure of the transcriptional activity of the corresponding fusion to tnpR-lacZY.

  • c Cultures were grown in LB broth.

  • d Bacteria recovered from intestinal infection of 5-day-old CD-1 mice.

  • e ND, not determined.