Table 2.

Anthracycline titers of S. peucetius 29050 (wild type), WMH1650, and WMH1655a

Strain and compoundTiter (μg/ml)
29050, no H3O+0c6.
29050 + H3O+3.645.3013.900
WMH1650 (dnrX::aphII), no H3O+035.418.041.300
WMH1650 + H3O+036.216.641.600
WMH1655 (dpsY::aphII)000000
  • a Cultures were grown in APM medium for 120 h and worked up as described in Materials and Methods. The titers shown are typical of the values obtained in different fermentations.

  • b X and Y, two different, unknown compounds with retention times of 35.9 and 39.3 min in the HPLC chromatogram.

  • c No metabolite was found.