Table 2.

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidCharacteristic(s)Source or reference
pPR1231E. coliO111-antigen cluster; wzz4
pPR1751wzz clone of EDL 933This work
pPR1752E4991/76-F186 wzz hybrid cloneThis work
pPR1753wzz clone of E4991/76This work
pPR1754wzz clone of F186This work
pPR1755wzz clone of M70/1-1This work
pPR1756wzz clone of C664-1992This work
pPR1775Additional glycine 221 mutant of pPR1753This work
pPR1776V224I of pPR1753This work
pPR1793wzz clone of 79/311This work
pPR1794wzz clone of Bi7509-41This work
pPR1795wzz clone of C258-94This work
pPR1796Long-chain mode wzz clone of C722-89This work
pPR1798C258-94–E4991/76 wzz hybrid cloneThis work
pPR1801M77I of pPR1753This work
pPR1802Q83S of pPR1753This work
pPR1803D90E of pPR1753This work
pPR1804D90E-L91I of pPR1753This work
pPR1815L91I of pPR1753This work