Table 1.

Characteristics of the Y. pestis strains used in this study

StrainAbbreviationBiovarGeographical originTypea
6/69 6/69 OrientalisMadagascar
Turquie 10/1T10/1OrientalisTurkey+
Turquie 10/3T10/3OrientalisTurkey+
Kenya 129K129AntiquaKenya+
Kenya 164K164AntiquaKenya+
Kenya 169K169AntiquaKenya++
Kenya 169.1K169.1AntiquaKenya+
Hambourg 19H19OrientalisGermany+
Saigon 55-797S55-797OrientalisVietnam+
Saigon 55-1239S55-1239OrientalisVietnam++
Saigon 55-1239.1S55-1239.1OrientalisVietnam+
Congo Belge LitaCBLAntiquaZaire+
  • a Irp2, presence (+) or absence (−) of the irp2 gene. Pgm, pigmented (+) or nonpigmented (−) phenotype on Congo red-agar plates.