Table 2.

Strain designation, number and sizes of replicons, and estimated genome sizes for organisms related to the family Rhizobiaceae

BacteriumStrainNo. of repliconsaSizes (kb) of repliconsbGenome size estimate (kb)Reference
M. dimorphaATCC 4279T3 (NE)3,200, 300, 1503,150This study
Rhodobacter capsulatusATCC 111662 (1)3,800*, 1503,950This study
SB10032 (1)3,800*, 1343,93412
Rhodobacter spheroides2.4.17 (2)3,000*, 900*; 5 plasmids4,35039
Brucella melitensis16M2 (2)2,050*, 1,150*3,20027
O. anthropiATCC 49188T4 (2)2,700*, 1,900*, 150, 1004,850This study
LMG 33014 (NE)2,700, 1,900, 50, <504,700This study
Bartonella quintanaVR96011,7001,70032
  • a The numbers in parentheses are the numbers of replicons labeled with the 16S rRNA probe; NE, not examined.

  • b Asterisks indicate replicons labeled by the 16S rRNA probe.