Table 1.

Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainAntigenic characteristicsChain length (O units)aSource or reference
M70/1-1O1:K1:H77–16 19
F186O2:K1:H57–16 1
E4991/76O2:K1:H610–18 1
Bi7509-41O7:K1:H-7–16 19
79/311O7:K1:H710–18 19
EDL933O157:H710–18 37
C664-1992O157:H710–18Statens Seruminstitutb
C258-94O157:H3916–25Statens Seruminstitut
C722-89O157:K52:H4516–25Statens Seruminstitut
P4657c 4
  • a Chain length categories: short, 7 to 16 O units; intermediate, 10 to 18 O units; long, 16 to 25 O units.

  • b Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • c P4657 is K-12 strain Sφ874, which has a deletion of the O-antigen cluster, plus plasmid pPR1231 carrying the O111-antigen gene cluster.