Table 2.

Agroinfection of N. benthamiana plants byA. tumefaciens strains containing or lacking osa

A. tumefaciens strainStrain descriptionDetermination of viral infection (no. of positive plants/no. inoculated)
Systemic symptomsSquash blotPCR product
At915 + At916LBA4404(pToMoV-A) + LBA4404(pToMoV-B)15/1515/1515/15
At1042 + At1043LBA4404(pToMoV-A, pSa) + LBA4404(pToMoV-B, pSa)0/150/150/15
At1044 + At1045 LBA4404(pToMoV-A, pSa::neo) + LBA4404(pToMoV-B, pSa::neo)15/1515/1515/15
At1046 + At1047LBA4404(pToMoV-A, pUCD3960) + LBA4404(pToMoV-B, pUCD3960)0/150/150/15
At1048 + At1049LBA4404(pToMoV-A, pUCD5533) + LBA4404(pToMoV-B, pUCD5533)15/1515/1515/15
At915 + At1050LBA4404(pToMoV-A) + LBA4301(pToMoV-B, pJK703)0/150/150/15