Table 4.

Characteristics of PDC hydrolases of S. paucimobilis SYK-6, P. ochraceae, and C. testosteronia

Strain or speciesMolecular mass (kDa)pIOptimum pHKinetic parameter
PDC hydrolysisPDC synthesisPDC hydrolysisPDC synthesis
Km(μM)Vmax(U/mg)Km(μM)Vmax (U/mg)
SYK-632 (monomer)4.908.56.0–7.57450649283
P. ochraceae31 (monomer)5.498.56.0–7.58747626127
C. testosteroni37 (monomer)NDb8.4–8.8ND90NDNDND
  • a The results for the P. ochraceae and C. testosteroni enzymes have been reported in previous studies (13, 16).

  • b ND, not determined.