Table 4.

Anthracycline titers of S. peucetiusWMH1663 dnrV::aphII and WMH1664doxA::aphII mutants transformed with pWHM3, pWHM355, pWHM360, or pWHM357a

StrainTiter (μg/ml)a for indicated compound
WMH1663(pWHM385) dnrV125011100
WMH1663(pWHM390) doxA15561180
WMH1663(pWHM387) dnrVdoxA310c04422
WMH1664(pWHM390) doxA836133
WMH1664(pWHM387) dnrVdoxA670c75430
  • a See footnote a in Table 2. The titers shown are the average values obtained from three independent fermentations.

  • b The reference material is the 13 S isomer.

  • c No metabolite was found.

  • d This value was not confirmed by isolation and characterization and thus may not be valid.