Table 3.

Mössbauer parameters derived from the spectra shown in Fig. 4Ba

StrainSpectral parameter for: K
Component A′, Fe(III)Component B′, Fe(II)Component M, magnetic
CS (mm/s)QS (mm/s)W (mm/s)% CS (mm/s)QS (mm/s)W (mm/s)% CS (mm/s)W (mm/s)Field (Tesla)%
JRG2951 (bfr)0.421.210.52261.322.940.66430.831.842.2311.7
JRG2952 (ftnA)0.421.200.50401.302.870.70601.7
JRG2953 (ftnA bfr)0.451.200.51401.312.860.69601.7
  • a All center shift values (CS) are quoted relative to α-iron. Errors are typically ±0.01. QS, quadrupole splitting; W, line width at half height.