Table 2.

Mössbauer parameters derived from the spectra shown in Fig. 4Aa

StrainSpectral parameter for:Iron contentb (%)KIron contentc (% of dry wt)Fe(II) (% of dry wt)Fe(III) (% of dry wt)
Component A, Fe(III)Component B, Fe(II)Component C, Fe(II)
CS (mm/s)QS (mm/s)W (mm/s)% CS (mm/s)QS (mm/s)W (mm/s)% CS (mm/s)QS (mm/s)W (mm/s)%
JRG2951 (bfr)0.510.780.54731.283.060.4211.142.650.4698600.0240.00650.018
JRG2952 (ftnA)0.480.970.54561.283.060.4281.142.650.41658600.0150.00660.0084
JRG2953 (ftnA bfr)0.480.970.54551.283.060.4351.142.650.41055600.0160.00720.0088
  • a All center shift values (CS) are quoted relative to α-iron. Errors are typically ±0.01, although they may be larger for components B and C due to their partially resolved nature and low intensities. QS, quadrupole splitting; W, line width at half height.

  • b Relative total iron content derived from the Mössbauer data.

  • c Determined by chemical analysis and quoted as a percentage of dry weight.