Table 2.

Phage sensitivity, twitching-motility phenotype, and piliation of wild-type and mutant strains

P. aeruginosa strainSensitivity to phage D3112aArea of twitching motilitybSurface piliationc
PAO1103 200.407 ± 0.110
PDO100 (rhlI)107 d 0e 0.028 ± 0.009
PAO-JP1 (lasI)103 120.351 ± 0.033
PAO-JP2 (lasI rhlI)107 d 00.045 ± 0.014
  • a Lowest titer of phage stock (dilutions of 103 to 109 PFU/ml were tested) resulting in plaque formation when 10 μl was spotted onto agar overlays containing the strain tested.

  • b Diameters (in millimeters) of twitch zones in macroscopic twitch stab assay plates as shown in Fig. 1.

  • c Mean A410 values ± standard deviations from ELISAs with PAO1 anti-pilin antibodies against whole cells and alkaline phosphatase-conjugated goat anti-rabbit developing antibodies.

  • d Turbid plaques were observed.

  • e Very small twitch zones were observed after extended incubation periods (>72 h) in some trials.