Table 1.

Genes and gene products of the dxnA1A2 locus

GenePosition in accession no. X72850Probable functionCalculated molecular mass (Da)% IdentitybHomologyReferencec
Name of proteinSource
dbfB 4399–35242,2′,3-THB dioxygenase32,25934BphC-LB400 Burkholderiasp. strain LB400BPHC_BURCE
34BphC-KF707 Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes KF707BPHC_PSEPS
30BphC-KKS102 Pseudomonas strain KKS102BPHC_PSES1
27TodE-F1 P. putida F1TODE_PSEPU
dxnA1 8930–10237Dioxin dioxygenase (α subunit)48,293a 40TodC1-F1 P. putida F1TOD1_PSEPU
40BedC1-ML2 P. putida ML2BED1_PSEPU
38BnzA-K12 E. coli K-12BNZA_ECOLI
37BphA-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHA_BURCE
36BnzA_BE81 P. putida BE-81BNZA_PSEPU
33ORF G5-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1(this study)
dxnA2 10234–10773Dioxin dioxygenase (β subunit)20,91239BedC2-ML2 P. putidaML2BED2_PSEPU
39BphE-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHE_BURCE
37BnzB-BE81 P. putida BE-81BNZB_PSEPU
37TodC2-F1 P. putida F1TOD2_PSEPU
16NdoC-C18 Pseudomonas sp. strain C18NDOC_PSEPU
dxnB 11046–11882Hydrolase30,165a 33DmpD-CF600 P. putida CF600DMPD_PSEPU
32TodF-F1 P. putida F1TODF_PSEPU
27XylF-mt2 P. putida mt-2(pWW0)XYLF_PSEPU
19BphD-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHD_BURCE
14BphD-KKS102 Pseudomonas strain KKS102BPHD_PSES1
dxnC 12028–12372Bacterial receptor>11,30727ViuA Vibrio cholerae VIUA_VIBCH
18IroA-BNVC Neisseria meningitidisBNVCIROA_NEIME
18FyuA-6/69 Yersinia pestis 6/69FYUA_YERPE
17FyuA-WAC Yersinia enteroliticaWA-CFYUA_YEREN
  • a The molecular mass of the polypeptide was determined after removal of the initial methionine (7,8).

  • b Percentage of amino acids that are identical when sequences are aligned with sequences listed in the GenBank database by using the algorithm of Needleman and Wunsch via the Blitz program of the European BioInformatic Institute facilities.

  • c Citation in Netserv format.