Table 2.

Genes and gene products of the EDO2 locus

GenePosition in accession no. AJ223220Probable functionCalculated molecular mass (Da)% IdentityaHomologyReferenceb
ORF G1245–1447Ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase (α subunit)45,29522ORF G5-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1This study
20DxnA1-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1This study
19XylX-mt2 P. putidamt-2XYLX_PSEPU
18BenA-BD143 A. calcoaceticus BD143BENA_ACICA
13NdoB-C18 Pseudomonas sp. strain C18NDOB_PSEPU
EDO 21966–2883Extradiol dioxygenase34,40940BphC-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHC_BURCE
39BphC-KF707 P. pseudoalcaligenes KF707BPHC_PSEPS
38BphC-KKS102 Pseudomonas strain KKS102BPHC_PSES1
35TodE-F1 P. putida F1TODE_PSEPU
ORF G32886–3206Ferredoxin11,76536BphF-LB400 Burkholderiasp. strain LB400BPHF_BURCE
34BedB-ML2 P. putida ML2BEDB_PSEPU
33TodB-F1 P. putida F1TODB_PSEPU
32BnzC-BE81 P. putida BE-81BNZC_PSEPU
ORF G43405–4781Monooxygenase51,62722Yz20-H37RV M. tuberculosis H37RVYZ20_MYCTU
20CymO-NCIB9871 Acinetobacter strain NCIB 9871CYMO_ACISP
13FmO2 Cavia porcellus FMO2_CAVPO
ORF G55773–7131Ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase (α subunit)50,74841TodC1-F1 P. putida F1TOD1_PSEPU
41BedC1-ML2 P. putida ML2BED1_PSEPU
41BnzA-K12 E. coli K-12BNZA_ECOLI
39BphA-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHA_BURCE
33DxnA1-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1This study
ORF G67133–7663Ring-hydroxylating dioxygenase (β subunit)21,08642BphE-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHE_BURCE
41TodC2-F1 P. putida F1TOD2_PSEPU
41BnzB-BE81 P. putida BE-81BNZB_PSEPU
39BedC2-ML2 P. putida ML2BED2_PSEPU
35DxnA2-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1This study
ORF G77673–8518Hydrolase31,11427DmpD-CF600 P. putida CF600DMPD_PSEPU
26TodF-F1 P. putida F1TODF_PSEPU
25BphD-KKS102 PseudomonasKKS102BPHD_PSES1
21BphD-LB400 Burkholderia sp. strain LB400BPHD_BURCE
21DxnB-RW1 Sphingomonas sp. strain RW1This study
ORF G88524–9882Indole-acetamide hydrolase46,57222HyiN-Y30 P. syringaeY30HYIN_PSESY
21HyiN-S4 Agrobacterium vitis S4HYIN_AGRVI
  • a Percentage of amino acids that are identical when sequences are aligned with sequences listed in the GenBank database by using the algorithm of Needleman and Wunsch via the Blitz program of the European BioInformatic Institute facilities.

  • b Citation in Netserv format.