Table 1.

E. coli strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaOther markersbSource or reference
E. colistrains
 AB1157 hup+ AB. J. Bachmann
 AQ9947 recG162 A 14
 BH200 uvrA::Tn10 AS. Boiteux
 BT125 recD1011 B 39
 EC8 uvrA6Δ(umuDC)596::ermGT C 9
 JR1669 hup+ AAs AB1157; J. Rouviere-Yaniv
 JR1670 hupA::CmAJ. Rouviere-Yaniv
 JR1671 hupB::KmAJ. Rouviere-Yaniv
 JR1672 hupA::CmhupB::KmAJ. Rouviere-Yaniv
 JC7623 recBC sbcBC AR. G. Lloyd
 JC8679 recBC sbcA AR. G. Lloyd
 N1234 recF143 AR. G. Lloyd
 N2057 ruv60::Tn10 AR. G. Lloyd
 SL1012 recBC sbcBC hupA AJR1670(P1) × JC7623 to Cmr
 SL1013 recBC sbcBC hupB AJR1671(P1) × JC7623 to Kmr
 SL1014 recBC sbcBC hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1012 to Kmr
 SL1015 recBC sbcA hupA AJR1670(P1) × JC8679 to Cmr
 SL1016 recBC sbcA hupB AJR1671(P1) × JC8679 to Kmr
 SL1017 recBC sbcA hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1015 to Kmr
 SL1018Δ(umuDC)596 AEC8(P1) × JR1669 to Eryr
 SL1019Δ(umuDC)596 hupA AJR1670(P1) × SL1018 to Cmr
 SL1020Δ(umuDC)596 hupB AJR1671(P1) × SL1018 to Kmr
 SL1021Δ(umuDC)596 hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1019 to Kmr
 SL1022 uvrA hupA AJR1670(P1) × BH200 to Cmr
 SL1023 uvrA hupB AJR1671(P1) × BH200 to Kmr
 SL1024 uvrA hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1022 to Kmr
 SL1025 recF143 hupA AJR1670(P1) × N1234 to Cmr
 SL1026 recF143 hupB AJR1671(P1) × N1234 to Kmr
 SL1027 recF143 hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1025 to Kmr
 SL1028 recD1011 hupA BJR1670(P1) × BT125 to Cmr
 SL1029 recD1011 hupB BJR1671(P1) × BT125 to Kmr
 SL1030 recD1011 hupAB BJR1671(P1) × SL1028 to Kmr
 SL1031 recG162 hupA AJR1670(P1) × AQ9947 to Cmr
 SL1032 recG162 hupB AJR1671(P1) × AQ9947 to Kmr
 SL1033 recG162 hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1031 to Kmr
 SL1034 ruvA60 hupA AJR1670(P1) × N2057 to Cmr
 SL1035 ruvA60 hupB AJR1671(P1) × N2057 to Kmr
 SL1036 ruvA60 hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1034 to Kmr
 SL1037 recG162 ruvA60 AN2057(P1) × AQ9947 to Tcr
 SL1038 recG162 ruvA60 hupA AN2057(P1) × SL1031 to Tcr
 SL1039 recG162 ruvA60 hupB AN2057(P1) × SL1032 to Tcr
 SL1040 recG162 ruvA60 hupAB AN2057(P1) × SL1033 to Tcr
 SL1041 rus-1 ruvA60 hupA AJR1670(P1) × TNM759 to Cmr
 SL1042 rus-1 ruvA60 hupB AJR1671(P1) × TNM759 to Kmr
 SL1043 rus-1 ruvA60 hupAB AJR1671(P1) × SL1041 to Kmr
 TNM759 rus-1 ruvA60 A 34
 pYK20 hupA 21
 pAG111 gyrB 12
 pCC205 gyrB His-136 6
 pCC206 gyrB Cys-136 6
  • a After the first full listing, insertions are abbreviated to the gene symbol plus allele number.

  • b A, thr-1 ara-14 leuB6Δ(gpt-proA)62 lacY1 tsx-33 supE44 galK2 hisG4 rpsL31 xyl-5 mtlL thi-1 argE3; B, as A but arg +; C, as A but arg + ilv-325.