Table 1.

Comparison of encoded proteins of R. sphaeroides flagellar genes with those of other bacterial species

GeneFunctionSize of product (amino acids)a% of unusual codons% Homology (identity/similarity) to the gene from:
S. typhimuriumB. subtilisC. crescentusB. burgdorferi
fliL Unknown1901.528/4823/6118/4316/45
fliM Motor switch3233.426/4821/4521/4423/48
fliN Motor switch/export1529.038/6431/6144/72
fliO Unknown8511.721/5134/58
fliP Unknownc 3015.353/7448/7146/6838/66
fliQ Unknownc 885.644/7033/5731/5632/66
fliR Unknownc 2692.629/5529/5823/5223/56
flhB Unknownc >37643/6430/5628/58
  • a Number of amino acids deduced from the conceptual translation.

  • b —, not determined.

  • c Suspected to be involved in flagellum assembly; the product shows homology to virulence proteins (13).