Table 2.

Expression of xylE fusion from differentsar promoters in the wild type and an isogenicsarA mutant of S. aureus

ConstructOrientation with respect to the xylEgeneXylE activity (mU/mg of protein)a
P21 Convergent2.90.9
P22 Convergent4.01.2
P23 Convergent5.50.8
P3 Convergent3.00.4
P11 Convergent313.827.6
P12 Convergent282.339.6
P13 Convergent91.813.8
P15 Convergent132.619.0
P14 Convergent137.218.4
P3-P1 Convergent74.635.4
P2-P3-P1 Convergent441.829.6
Pbla Convergent69.861.1
Pc b Divergent1.10.8
  • a Activity is defined as milliunits per milligram of total cellular protein. The value for each sample at a particular growth phase (OD600 = 1.7) is the mean value assayed at four different time points after the addition of the catechol.

  • b Pc represents the average value of the divergent promoter fusions P21–23, P3, P11–15, P3-P1, P2-P3-P1, Pbla, with most values approaching the background level.