Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource(s)
 IR2781N. meningitidis serogroup B clinical isolateD. Stephens
 IR2848 to IR2856N. meningitidis serogroup A clinical isolatesM. Reeves
 IR2857 to IR2863N. meningitidis serogroup C clinical isolatesM. Reeves
 IR2843 to IR2847N. meningitidis serogroup Y clinical isolatesM. Reeves
 IR1072 to IR1075N. meningitidis strainsLab collection
 IR1113, IR1114, IR1311, IR2359, IR2864, and IR2865N. gonorrhoeaestrainsLab collection
 IR2363N. lactamicaO9238Lab collection
 IR2364N. lactamicaE6040Lab collection
 IR2365N. lactamicaO1748Lab collection
 IR2366N. kochii31291Lab collection
 IR2367N. kochii31292Lab collection
 IR2368N. flavaNS-6Lab collection
 IR2369N. ovis72-BLab collection
 IR2370N. polysacchareaN462Lab collection
 IR2371N. mucosaA7895Lab collection
 IR2372N. cinerea34382Lab collection
 IR2373N. cinerea33683Lab collection
 IR2375N. subflavaB886Lab collection
 IR2376N. subflavaNS-6Lab collection
 IR3261 to IR3277hpuB::erm derivatives of the following strains in order: IR2781, IR2844 to IR2846, IR2848, IR2850 to IR2853, IR2855 to IR2860, IR2862, and IR2863This study
 IR3287 to IR3292hmbR phase-on revertants of the followinghmbR phase-off strains in order: IR3261, IR3270, IR3272, IR3273, IR3275, and IR3277This study
 IR3297 to IR3318hmbR::kan derivatives of the following strains in order: IR1074, IR2781, IR2849, IR2851, IR2855 to IR2860, IR2862, IR2863, IR3267, IR3271, IR3274, IR3276, and IR3287 to IR3292This study
 pDS85DraI-StuI fragment ofhpuB cloned into pBluescriptD. Dyer and L. Lewis
 pARR1500Ermr from Tn1545 cloned intoClaI fragment of pDS85This study
 pIRS523EcoRI-SalI fragment ofhmbR cloned into pUC18Lab collection
 pIRS525Kanr cassette cloned into NotI site of pIRS523Lab collection
 pIRS876PstI-SalI fragment ofhmbR cloned into pBluescriptLab collection