Table 3.

Reversal frequencies of A and S motility mutants

JZ315 (cglB) (high reversing)aDK9716 (cglB pilR)DK9717 (cglB frzE) (high reversing)aDK9715 (ΔmglAB pilR)
Average reversal frequency (min−1) (SD)2.7 (1.4)0 (NAc)2.6 (1.4)0 [2.0]b (1.4)
No. of reversals counted446029673
Average speed (μm/min) (SD)2.5 (1.7)2.0 (1.0)2.1 (1.1)1.9 (1.0)
% of cells exhibiting active movement (no. of cells evaluated)d ≥98 (373)∼10 (164)≥98 (240)30 (310)
  • a Only those cells for which most of the runs between two reversals lasted for 30 s or less were considered. The switching of a single cglB cell between the high-reversal and the low-reversal mode is also indicated by the high standard deviation of the average reversal frequency.

  • b Only 30% of the cells moved, and the average reversal frequency of those cells was 2.0 min−1. See the text for more details.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d See the text for further description and details.