Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidSourceaRelevant propertiesReference(s)
E. coliDH5αGIBCO BRLHost for E. coliplasmids
E. coli plasmids
 Bluescript pSK Stratagene
 pHicCloned 468-bp fragment of R3001 purE-pepN region, obtained by PCR amplification with primers purE-F and pepN-R followed by subcloning ofAluI partial digestion fragment into SmaI site of pSK−This study
 pMCC1 PstI (5.2-kb) fragment of the Hib Eaganhif operon in pUC19, subcloned from a cosmid library; includes the purE-hifA junction, hifA,hifB, and the 5′ end of hifC This study;13
H. influenzae strains
 Eagan (E1A)CSF from meningitis patientType b, streptomycin resistant, virulent in infant rat model 38
 Rd (R906) = GoodgalNonencapsulated derivative of type d strain; avirulent in rat model 8
 INT1Blood from meningitis patientNonencapsulated; biotype V; virulent in rat model 31
 R539 (ATCC 9006)ATCCReference strain of serotype a
 R538 (ATCC 9795)ATCCReference strain of serotype b
 R540 (ATCC 9007)ATCCReference strain of serotype c
 R541 (ATCC 9008)ATCCReference strain of serotype d
 R542 (ATCC 8142)ATCCReference strain of serotype e
 R543 (ATCC 9796)ATCCReference strain of serotype f
 U11CSFStreptomycin-resistant derivative of U1 (Ramirez); nonencapsulated; avirulent in infant rat assay 38
 R1965 (NCTC 8143)NCTCHK389; type strain of H. influenzae; nonencapsulated, biotype II 22
 R1967 (ATCC 11116)ATCCType strain of H. influenzae biotype aegyptius
 R2140Blood H. influenzae biotype aegyptius isolate from BPF; hemagglutinating (CDC F3031) 6
 R2141Blood H. influenzae biotype aegyptius isolate from BPF; nonhemagglutinating (CDC F3035) 6
 R2777CSF, from invasive diseaseNonencapsulatedThis study
 R3001Bronchial lavage of cystic fibrosis patientNonencapsulated 25
 C2836Otitis mediaNonencapsulatedThis study
 C2840Tracheal infection in newbornNonencapsulatedThis study
 C2843Otitis mediaType bThis study
 C2853Sputum from cystic fibrosis patientNonencapsulated 25
 C2859CSFNonencapsulated 25
 C2861CSFNonencapsulated 25
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; NCTC, National Collection of Type Cultures.