Table 1.

PDEA and DGC activities and in vivo cellulose production in A. xylinumrecombinant strainsa

StrainSite of mutationPDEA activity (%)DGC activity (%)Cellulose production (%)
1306-21 (WT)None100100100
Dis1 pdeA1 202085
Dis4 dgc1 982180
ABT8Upstream ofcdg1a 232278
ABT9 pdeA2 858598
TRT150 dgc2 988695
ABT2Partial deletion (pdeA2+dgc2)899199
ABT21 dgc1 dgc2 105436
ABT11 pdeA1 pdeA2 5568
ABT1 pdeA1 pdeA2 dgc2 5470
  • ↵a Recombinant strains of A. xylinum disrupted in cdg1 and/or cdg2 were derived, and whole cells were assayed for cellulose production, as described in Material and Methods. Soluble and membrane fractions were prepared from logarithmic-phase cultures and assayed for PDEA and DGC activities.