Table 2.

Porin and vesicle detections in the supernatants of tol-pal and outer membrane hypersensitive strains

Strain typeDetection of:
PorinsaVesiclesbRNase I/ colicinc
 A5922 (tolA)+LL+/R
 JC7782 LG10, and JC207 (all tolA)+HL+/R
 JC3417 and JC864 (both tolB)+LL+/R
 JC7752 (tolB pal)+LL+/R
 JC7752(pAmpB) (pal)+LL+/R
 SC44tolA(pAX617) (tolA)+HL+/R
 TPS13 (tolQR)+HL+/R
 TPS13(pTPS306) (tolQ)+HL+/R
 TPS300 (tolR)+HL+/R
Outer membrane altered
 JC8931 (ompA)N−/S
 JC8963 (lpp ompA)+HL+/S
 JE5505 (lpp)−/+N+/S
 KS303 (lpp)+HL+/S
 SC44 (tolC)N−/Sd
 SR22 (htrM)N−/S
 SR3205 (surA)N−/Se
Isogenic and complemented
 1292, GM1, CA8000, KS272, and JE5506N−/S
  • a Supernatant fractions were immunodetected with antiporin antibodies. +, −/+, and − indicate strong, faint, and no immunodetection, respectively.

  • b Amount of vesicles visualized by EM, indicated as HL (high level [many vesicles on all cells]), LL (low level [some vesicles on most cells]), or N (no vesicle on most cells).

  • c RNase I leakage (+) or no release (−) and colicin A and E1 sensitivity tests (R or S [resistant or sensitive, respectively]).

  • d Cells are less sensitive than parent cells to colicin A and are resistant to colicin E1.

  • e Cells are less sensitive to colicin A than, and as sensitive to colicin E1 as, parent cells.