Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidConstruction and propertiesbSource or reference
E. coli strains
 DH5αF′F′endA1 hsdR17 (rK mK +) supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA(Nalr) relA1Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 deoR[φ80dlacΔ(lacZ)M15]GIBCO-BRL
 SY327 (λpir)Δ(lac-pro)argE(Am) rif nalA recA56 34
 XL1-Blue endΔ1 hsdR17(rK mK +) supE44 thi-1 λ recA1 gyrA96 (Nalr)relA1lac) [F′ proAB+lacI q ZΔM15::Tn10(Tcr)]Stratagene
Y. pestisstrainsa
 KIM8pCD1 pPCP1(Pla) pMT1 23
 KIM10pCD1 (Lcr) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1 23
 KIM5-3001Smr pCD1 (Lcr+) pPCP1 pMT1 30
 KIM5-3001.5Smr pCD1 (ΔlcrG [aa 39–53]) pPCP1 pMT1 56
 KIM5-3001.6Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 48–197]) pPCP1 pMT1 44
 KIM5-3001.P1Smr pCD1 (ΔyscB [aa 61–125]) pPCP1 pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002SmrpCD1 (Lcr+) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1S. C. Straley
 KIM8-3002.P2Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 2–10]) pPCP1(Pla) pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002.P3Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 6–25]) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002.P4Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 21–40]) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002.P5Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 51–85]) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002.P6Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 6–100]) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1This study
 KIM8-3002.P7Smr pCD1 (ΔyopN [aa 48–197]) pPCP1 (Pla) pMT1This study
 pBluescript II SK(−)Cloning vector; Apr Stratagene
 pBCKS Cloning vector; Cmr Stratagene
 pUK4134Suicide vector; Apr 55
 pTRC99aExpression vector; Apr Pharmacia
 pYSCB11.7-kbXhoI-BamHI fragment of pPH11 (25) cloned into pBluescriptII SK(−)c; Apr This study
 pΔYSCB1pYSCB1 digested withHpaI and religated with insertion of an 8-bp PstI linker (5′-GCTGCAGC-3′), resulting in the elimination of a 194-bp Hpa fragment within yscB This study
 pUK4134.P12.15-kb PvuII fragment of pΔYSCB1 carrying ΔyscB (aa 61–125) cloned into the uniqueEcoRV site of pUK4134; Apr This study
 pYOPN1986-bp ClaI-Eco47III fragment of pGP2 (42) cloned intoClaI-EcoRV-digested pBCKSII; Cmr This study
 pYOPN22.1-kbBamHI-BstBI fragment of pGP2 (42) cloned into BamHI-ClaI-digested pBluescript SK(−); Apr This study
 pUK4134.62.2-kbEcoRV fragment of pΔYopN.1 carrying ΔyopN (aa 48–197) cloned into pUK4134; Apr 44
 pYSCB6×HIS440-bp PCR fragment generated with primers YscB1 and YscB2, digested with NcoI and BamHI, and cloned into NcoI-BamHI-digested pTRC99aThis study
  • a All Y. pestis strains are Pgm (62). Native plasmids of Y. pestis include the LCR plasmid pCD1 (6, 16, 23), the Pla-encoding pPCP1 (59), and pMT1 (46), which encodes the capsular protein.

  • b Numbers in brackets give the amino acids (aa) deleted from the protein.

  • c See Fig. 1 for restriction sites at ends of cloned DNA.