Table 1.

Comparative effects of various osmotic agents on the growth of S. meliloti 102F34

Osmotic agent addedaGrowth parameter in LAS medium containingb:
No osmoprotectant1 mM GB
0.65 M NaCl0.0220.30.0761.9
0.84 M sucrose0.0832.10.0832.1
0.9 M GB0.0831.7NAc NA
0.9 M mannitol0.0400.90.0832.1
  • a Cultures were grown in LAS medium containing the indicated osmoticum agents, all added at concentrations which developed an osmotic pressure of 3.14 MPa.

  • b Growth parameters are expressed as the growth rate (μ, in generations/hour) and the maximal OD570(ODmax) at the stationary phase.

  • c NA, not applicable.