Table 2.

Alleviation of osmotic stress by exogenous sucrose inS. meliloti 102F34

Osmotic agent addedaGrowth parameter in LAS medium containingb:
No addition0.5 mM sucrose
0.5 M NaCl0.0510.90.1201.9
0.5 M KCl0.0420.80.1051.7
0.45 M K2SO4 0.0200.40.0601.2
0.8 M mannitol0.0601.10.1001.8
0.8 M glycerol0.2502.10.2502.1
  • a Each was added to LAS medium at a concentration which developed the same osmotic pressure as 0.5 M NaCl.

  • b See Table 1, footnote b.