Table 3.

Beneficial effect of exogenous sucrose on the growth of salt-stressed cultures of various rhizobial strainsa

StrainGrowth parameter in minimal mediumb
Without NaClcWith NaCld
Without sucroseWith sucrose
S. meliloti102F340.2001.90.0520.90.1251.9
S. meliloti SU470.4003.00.1251.50.3333.0
S. melilotiM5N10.1002.70.0590.70.1432.9
R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli H1320.1111.00.0500.50.0911.0
  • a Bacteria were grown in LAS minimal medium with the indicated additions.

  • b See Table 1, footnote b.

  • c Similar growth rates and yields were observed in unstressed cultures supplied with 0.5 mM sucrose.

  • d The NaCl concentrations used were 0.5 and 0.3 M for S. meliloti and R. leguminosarum bv. phaseoli H132, respectively.