Table 1.

Reduced frequency of HR elicitation in tobacco leaves byP. syringae pv. tomato DC3000 hrpZ andhrpW mutants

P. syringae pv. tomato strainRelevant genotypeFrequency of HRa
Inoculum of 1 × 107cells/mlInoculum of 5 × 107 cells/ml
DC3000Wild type17/1918/18
CUCPB5094ΔhrpZ::nptII 12/1513/13
CUCPB5096 hprW::ΩSpr 13/1513/13
CUCPB5095ΔhrpZ::nptII hrpW::ΩSpr 7/19b 15/18
  • a The number of inoculated panels showing more than 50% collapse 48 h after inoculation relative to the total number inoculated.

  • b This value differs significantly (binomial test) from that of the wild type (P = 0.01). No others differ significantly from the wild type (P = 0.05).