Table 2.

Mutant classificationsa

CategoryNo. of isolatesK antigenLPSCongo red resultPhage sensitivity profileComplementation group
rkp-13 testedAbsentAK631Dark redDistinctrkp-1
Class I5AbsentAK631SalmonDistinctrkp-3
Class II6AbsentAlteredSalmonDistinctrkp-2
Class III1AbsentRm41Dark redDistinctUnique
Class IV1AbsentAK631Dark redDistinctUnique
  • a Mutants were characterized with respect to the K antigen and LPS they produced, the sensitivities they displayed to a series of phage strains, their color on Congo red plates, and through tests of complementation to cosmids isolated by Kereszt et al. (7, 8).

  • b NA, not applicable.