Table 1.

Abilities of A. tumefaciens strains to respond to autoinducer analogs

Compoundβ-Galactosidase activity ina:
WCF47(pCF372) with analog at concn (nM):WCF47(pCF372) (pCF218) with analog at concn (nM):
3-Oxobutanoyl-HSL (A)
3-Oxopentanoyl-HSL (B)
3-Oxohexanoyl-HSL (C)1.62.51801,200
3-Oxoheptanoyl-HSL (D)104701,2001,400
3-Oxooctanoyl-HSL (E)707001,3001,500
3-Oxoundecanoyl-HSL (F)4.9454401,100
3-Oxododecanoyl-HSL (G)4.373911,300
4-Oxa-3-oxohexanoyl-HSL (H)
Butanoyl-HSL (I)
Pentanoyl-HSL (J)
Hexanoyl-HSL (K),500
Heptanoyl-HSL (L)1.42.5300680
Octanoyl-HSL (M)3.26.16501,100
Decanoyl-HSL (N),000
Dodecanoyl-HSL (O)
3-Hydroxynonanoyl-HSL (P)2.70.72901,400
3-Hydroxydodecanoyl-HSL (Q),000
2-Butenoyl-HSL (R)
2-Pentenoyl-HSL (S)
2-Hexenoyl-HSL (T)
2-Octenoyl-HSL (U)
2-Nonenoyl-HSL (V)
2-Decenoyl-HSL (W)
2-Butynoyl-HSL (X)
2-Hexynoyl-HSL (Y)
5-Hexynoyl-HSL (Z)
2-Octynoyl-HSL (AA)
3-Oxo-7-octynoyl-HSL (AB)1.3457101,500
3-Oxo-11-octadecenoyl-HSL (AC)
diHSL decandioate (AD)
diHSL-3,12-dioxotetradecandioate (AE)1.61.019460
p-Propylbenzoyl-HSL (AF)ND1.5ND1.8
O-Hexyl-N-HSL carbamate (AG),000
  • a The indicated analogs were provided at the noted concentrations to cultures of WCF47(pCF372) containing or lacking pCF218 in AT broth supplemented with 2 mg of opine per ml. Bacteria were cultured for 12 h and assayed for β-galactosidase specific activity (29). β-Galactosidase expression in the absence of autoinducers was less than 2 Miller units. ND, not determined.