Table 2.

Pyocyanin production by P. aeruginosa

StrainEfflux genotypePyocyanin productionaCross-feeds OCR1b
K767Wild type++
OCR1 nalB
K784 nalB
K1170 nalB ΔmexAB-oprM +ND
K1171Wild type+ND
K1168 nalB ND
K1169 nalB ΔmexAB-oprM +ND
PAO-JP1Wild type
PDO100Wild type+
  • a Assessed visually following growth on L agar. +, produces pyocyanin; −, no pyocyanin produced.

  • b The indicated strains were streaked at right angles to OCR1 on L agar, and production of pyocyanin by OCR1 was assessed as described above in the vicinity of the cross-streaked strain. +, cross-feeds OCR1; −, does not cross-feed OCR1; ND, not determined.