Table 1.

Bacterial strain and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant phenotypeaDescriptionSource or reference
S. salivarius
 57.IUre+ Wild-type host 25
PureICATCAT+Ure+ Wild-type chromosome containing a single copy ofPureI-cat This study
PureIΔ100CATCAT+Ure+ Wild-type chromosome containing a single copy ofPureIΔ100-cat This study
S. gordonii
 DL1Wild-type host 11
 MC17Ure+Spr DL1 harboring pMC17 5
E. coli DH10BGeneral cloning hostLTI
 pGEM-5Zf(+)Apr General cloning vectorPromega
 pGEM-7Zf(+)Apr General cloning vectorPromega
 pUC18Apr General cloning vectorLTI
 pSU21Cmr Moderate-copy-numberE. coli vector 2
 pSF143Tcr Integration vector for streptococcal species 29
 pDL278Spr Streptococcus-E. colishuttle vector 13
 pDL290Kmr Low-copy-number E. colivector 10a
 pCW24AprCmr pUC18-promoterless cat This study
 pCW42AprCmr pGEM-5Zf(+)-promoterless cat This study
 pCW45TcrCmr pSF143-PureIcat This study
 pMC12Cmr pSU21-ureIABCEFGDb 5
 pMC17Spr pDL278-ureIABCEFGDb 5
 pMC23Cmr pSU21-6.0-kbp XbaI fragmentThis study
 pMC32CmrKmr pDL290-6.0-kbp XbaI fragmentThis study
 pMC63AprCmr pCW42-PureI This study
 pMC68AprCmr pCW42-PureIΔ100 + 2.0-kbp fragmentThis study
 pMC71AprCmr pCW42-PureI + 2.0-kbp fragmentThis study
 pMC77AprTcr pSF143-PureIΔ100-cat This study
  • a Abbreviations: Ure, urease; Ap, ampicillin; Cm, chloramphenicol; Km, kanamycin; Sp, spectinomycin; Tc, tetracycline; r, resistance.

  • b The 5′ end of ureI is incomplete.