Table 1.

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidSource of insert DNARelevant characteristics
pRR1044.2-kbEcoRI fragment of cosmid insert 3G3 cloned into pUC18Not (25)Left junction (attL1) of the integratedclc element at attB1-F1
pRR1084.1-kbNheI-EcoRI fragment of cosmid insert 2B1 cloned into pUC18Not (25) int-B13 plus right junction (attR2-F1)
pRR123871-bp PCR product obtained from strain F1 DNA by using primers RR301 and RR303.Integration siteattB1-F1 in strain F1 prior to integration
pRR146476-bp PCR product obtained from strain B13 DNA by using primers RR316a and RR319. attP; junction between left and right ends of the clc element
pRR1653.5-kbNcoI-EcoRI fragment of pRR108 cloned into pUC28;SfiI site in polylinker was removed. int-B13plus right junction (attR2-F1)
pRR169Integrase gene cloned into pET3c int-B13 overexpression
pRR169ΔNotpRR169 with frameshift mutation in NotI site int-B13NotI) overexpression
pRR1713.5-kb EcoRI-NcoI fragment from pRR108 cloned into pACYC184 int-B13 plusattR2-F1
pRR172780-bpAatII-EcoRI fragment in pRR171 exchanged for 200-bp AatII-EcoRI fragment from pRR146 int-B13 plus attP
pRR172ΔNotpRR172 with frameshift mutation in NotI site int-B13NotI) plusattP