Table 3.

Colony PCR detection of a chimeric plasmid after cotransformations into E. coli DH5α

PlasmidsnaNo. of positivesb% Positivesc
pRR123 plus pRR1713026.7 ± 5.8
pRR123 plus pRR172302066.7 ± 15.3
pRR123 plus pRR172ΔNot3026.7 ± 11.5
  • a Total number of tested colonies (from three independent cotransformations).

  • b Colony PCR yielded a product of 852 bp with the primer RR303 plus RR319, an annealing temperature of 58°C, an extension time of 50 s, and 35 cycles of amplification.

  • c Mean ± standard deviation.