Table 2.

PCR primers used in this study

PrimerNucleotide sequencePosition (5′ end)
RR3015′ GAG AAC GGA TTC AAC GCC ACC 3′348 bp left of attB1-F1a
RR3035′ ACT GCA GCA GAG CAC GCC GTT CG 3′523 bp right of attB1-F1a
RR3155′ TGC TCT CAG TTC CCG CAT CC 3′ clcelement, 209 bp from left end, directed inwardsa
RR3165′ GAT GAC GTT GTG ACG ACT GC 3′ clcelement, 178 bp from left end, directed outwardsa
RR316a5′ TGC TGG GTG TGG GTC TAT GGA TGC 3′ clcelement, 147 bp from left end, directed outwardsa
RR3195′ TCA GGC TCA GGC AGT CGT TGT CG 3′ clcelement, 329 bp from right end, directed outwardsa
RR3275′ CTC TCA GTT CCC GCA TCC GCT TCC 3′ clcelement, 212 bp from left end, directed inwardsa
RR3305′ CTG AGC GGG ACA TAT GAC GAG CA 3′ int-B13, nt 249–271 (Fig. 1), introduction of NdeI site at ATG start codon
RR3315′ GAC CCA GGC ATC GAA GAC GT 3′ int-B13, nt 608–627 (Fig. 1)
RR3325′ CAT GAT TAC GAA TTC GCG AGC TCC 3′pUC28 polylinker
  • a Relative to the positions of exact junctions between the integrated clc element and chromosomal DNA in strain F1.