Table 2.

Expression of β-galactosidase from anaotJ::lacZ fusion in PAO1 and PAO501

Host strain (genotype)aGrowth conditionbSp act (nmol/mg/ml)c
PAO501 (argR::Gm)S+N940 (47)
G1,030 (31)
G+A1,038 (50)
PAO1 (wild type)S+N+A6,021 (310)
S+N1,654 (31)
S+A9,586 (470)
G3,662 (37)
N+A42,368 (420)
G+A23,928 (240)
A44,436 (430)
  • a Theaot::lacZ translational fusion, pST500, was constructed and transformed into PAO1 and PAO501 as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Cells were grown in minimal medium P supplemented with 20 mM succinate (S), ammonium (N), glutamate (G), and arginine (A) as indicated.

  • c Specific activities represent the average of cultures under each growth condition, with standard errors being shown in parentheses. The values shown are normalized relative to plasmid DNA.