Table 4.

Relation between prophage carriage and competence development in selected isolates

StrainMolecular size (kb)aPresence of:bMitomycin inductionCSPα inductionc
SVMC12200, 90+++I
SVMC1790, 30++L
SVMC2390, 85++H
SVMC27225, 85+++H
SVMC2895, 60+++H
SVMC31255, 95++H
SVMC33225, 85, 70+++I
SVMC3590, 30++None
SVMC3690, 30++None
SVMC5295, 85+++None
SVMC5480, 60+++H
  • a Molecular sizes of fragments hybridizing to probes for lytA.

  • b Presence of the indicated gene was determined by Southern blot hybridization as described in reference 32.

  • c H, high response; I, intermediate responses; L, low response determined as described in reference 32.