Table 2.

Molecular masses and subtilisin susceptibilities of OmpA loop deletion variants in spheroplasts

OmpA variantMolecular mass (kDa)Digestion classaMapped cleavage sitebEfficiency of digestion (%)c
Wild-type loops
One loop shortened
 OmpAΔL218.6ILoop L120
 OmpAΔL318.3ILoop L130
 OmpAΔL418.6ILoop L135
Two loops shortened
 OmpAΔL1317.1IILoop L420
 OmpAΔL1417.4IIILoop L320
 OmpAΔL2317.4ILoop L145
 OmpAΔL2417.6ILoop L170
 OmpAΔL3417.3ILoop L170
Three loops shortened
 OmpAΔL12316.2IILoop L425
 OmpAΔL12416.5IIILoop L320
 OmpAΔL23416.4ILoop L175
Four loops shortened
  • a According to the size differences between the undigested OmpA variants and their largest cleavage products upon proteolytic digestion (see also Fig. 2 and 3), three digestion classes could be identified.

  • b See the text for the mapping of cleavage sites.

  • c The amounts of cleaved molecules after digestion for 15 min at 30°C are shown. NC, no cleavage observed.