Table 1.

Relevant characteristics of the bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
M. smegmatismc2155Efficient plasmid transformation mutant 41
E. coli XL1-BlueHost strain for plasmid propagation 39
E. coliDH5αHost strain for plasmid propagation 39
 pSUM36 and pSUM38Kmr Mycobacterium and E. coli shuttle vectors 2
 pCSA44pSUM36 with a 15-kb fragment from M. fortuitum containing the tapfor geneThis work
 pCSA44* pCSA44BamHI digested, blunt ended, and religatedThis work
 pAC68pCSA44 with BamHI-HindIII deletedThis work
 pAC69pCSA44 withBamHI-EcoRV deletedThis work
 pAC73pSUM36 with BamHI-HindIII fragment from pCSA44This work
 pAC74pSUM38 withXbaI-HindIII fragment from pCSA44This work
 pAC48pSUM36 with a 2.3-kb PstI fragment from pCSA44This work
 pOLYGHygr mycobacterial expression vector 32
 pSODIT-2Hygr pOLYG with the superoxide dismutase promoterThis work
 pefpDpSODIT-2 with a 1.2-kbBamHI-HindIII fragment containing the taptub geneThis work