Table 3.

Amino acid sequence identity between the deduced amino acid sequence of the M. fortuitum Tapfor protein and the sequences of other, homologous proteins of different origins, as identified with the program BLAST

ProteinOrganism% Identity to TapforaReference or source
Mrx Escherichia coli 29.7 31
Product of gene adjacent to mphK gene Escherichia coli 28.9 17
YfiS Bacillus subtilis 27.2 19
Emb Mycobacterium smegmatis 26.6 43
TetV Mycobacterium smegmatis 25.7 9
LfrA Mycobacterium smegmatis 22.6 42
p43 Escherichia coli 22.4 5, 40
Mef214 Lactobacillus lactis 22.3V. Perreten et al.; GenBank accession no. X92946
MefA Streptococcus pyogenes 21.6 6
Bmr Bacillus subtilis 21.5 27
MefE Streptococcus pneumoniae 20.2A. Tait-Kamradt et al.; GenBank accession no. U83667
Blt Bacillus subtilis 19.7 1
NorA Staphylococcus aureus 19.5 45
  • ↵a The degree of identity was determined with the program Gap from the Genetics Computer Group software package.