Table 2.

Regulation of the tpl promoter by TyrR, cAMP-CRP, and IHF

StrainRelevant genotypeβ-Galactosidase activitya
SP1312 (Ptpl-lacZ+)tyrR+7832,540
SP1313 (Ptpl-lacZ+)Δ(tyrR)35.568
SP1313 (Ptpl-lacZ+)/pJC100Δ(tyrR)tyrR+1,5302,180
SP1626 (Ptpl-lacZ+)tyrR+Δ(crp)828812
SP1627 (Ptpl-lacZ+)Δ(tyrR) Δ(crp)6173
SP1626 (Ptpl-lacZ+)/pXZCRPtyrR+Δ(crp) crp+446780
SP1627 (Ptpl-lacZ+)/pXZCRPΔ(tyrR) Δ(crp) crp+53158
SP1628 (Ptpl-lacZ+)tyrR+Δ(himD)19.5ND
SP1629 (Ptpl-lacZ+)Δ(tyrR) Δ(himD)16.3ND
SP1312 (Ptpl-lacZ+IHF-mut)tyrR+; altered IHF site89.2ND
SP1313 (Ptpl-lacZ+IHF-mut)Δ(tyrR); altered IHF site39.0ND
SP1630 (Ptpl-lacZ+)tyrR+Δ(crp) Δ(himD)ND5.6
SP1631 (Ptpl-lacZ+)Δ(tyrR) Δ(crp) Δ(himD)ND5.3
  • a β-Galactosidase activity is expressed in Miller units. Cultures were grown in liquid minimal medium withl-tyrosine and with either glucose or glycerol as a carbon source. The values shown are the averages of triplicate assays. The variation was never more than ±10%.