Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

B. subtilisstraina or plasmidGenotype or descriptionbSourcec
JH642 pheA1 trpC2 Laboratory stock
JH646 pheA1 trpC2 spo0A12 Laboratory stock
JH17022 amyE::(yycF′-lacZ cat)pJC16→JH642
JH17023 yycF::(yycF′-lacZ cat)pJC17→JH642
JH17024 spo0A12 amyE::(yycF′-lacZ cat)JH17022 DNA→JH646
JH17025 spo0A12 yycF::(yycF′-lacZ cat)JH17023 DNA→JH646
JH17026 yycH::pJC11 (Cmr)pJC11→JH642
JH17027 yycI::pJC12 (Cmr)pJC12→JH642
JH17028 yycJ::pJC13 (Cmr)pJC13→JH642
JH17029 yycK::pJC14 (Cmr)pJC14→JH642
JH17040 yycF::(yycF′-lacZErr)-Pspac yycFGHIJK pJC21→JH642
Mu8u5u16 ade-16 leu-8 met-5 Laboratory stock
JH17041 leu-8 met-5 yycF (H215P) (temperature-sensitive strain)5.4-kb PCR→Mu8u5u16
  • a All JH strains were derived from JH642.

  • b cat is the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene from pC194. Plasmid-encoded antibiotic resistance: Cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; Err, erythromycin resistance.

  • c Arrows indicate construction by transformation.