Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant characteristicsaOrigin (reference)
S. aureus
 RN4220Restriction negative, modification positiveR. Novick 40
 8325-4Wild-type strain cured of known prophagesR. Novick48
 PC6911agrΔ::tetMTcrLaboratory stock 12, 51
 PC2429sarA+sarA::km KmrEryrThis study
 PC1839sarA::kmKmrThis study
 PC18391sarA::km agrΔ::tetM KmrTcrThis study
 PC322hla+hla::lacZ EryrLaboratory stock 12
 PC3221hla+hla::lacZ sarA::kmEryr KmrThis study
 PC324hla+ hla::lacZ agrΔ::tetM EryrTcrLaboratory stock 12
 PC3241hla+ hla::lacZ sarA::km agrΔ::tetMEryr Kmr TcrThis study
 PC203spa+spa::lacZ EryrLaboratory stock 12
 PC2031spa+spa::lacZ sarA::kmEryr KmrThis study
 PC206spa+ spa::lacZ agrΔ::tetM EryrTcrLaboratory stock 12
 PC2062spa+ spa::lacZ sarA::km agrΔ::tetMEryr Kmr TcrThis study
 PC1072tst::luxTcrLaboratory stock 12
 PC1091tst::lux sarA::km TcrKmrThis study
 S6Enterotoxin-producing strainS. Khan 20
 PC1700agrΔ::tetM in S6 TcrThis study
 PC1841sarA::km in S6 KmrThis study
 PC1845sarA::km agrΔ::tetM in S6 TcrKmrThis study
E. coliDH5αφ80dlacZΔM15 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 (rK mK+)supE44 relA1 deoRΔ(lacZYA-argF)U169Promega Corp.
 pUBS1E. coli cloning vector; AprG. Murphy 25
 pAZ106Promoterless, transcriptional lacZ fusion vector; Apr (E. coli) Eryr (S. aureus)A. Moir 38
 pDG7831.5-kb kanamycin resistance cassette in pSB118; AprP. Stragier29
 pPC9051.3-kbSalI-BamHI cut PCR fragment containing the complete sar operon in SalI-BamHI-cut pUBS1; AprThis study
 pH41.5-kbEcoRI fragment from pDG783 containing the kanamycin resistance cassette in EcoRI-cut pPC905; AprThis study
 pH4A53.3-kb PvuII fragment containing sarA::km inSmaI-cut pAZ106; Apr (E. coli) Eryr (S. aureus)This study
  • a Abbreviations: Tcr, Kmr, Eryr, and Apr, resistance to tetracycline, kanamycin/neomycin, erythromycin/lincomycin, and ampicillin, respectively.